What to Know Before You Go to a Horse Show

As someone new to exploring horses you may not realize there are horse shows and events of varying sizes right in your area quite often. From 4-H and High School/College Equestrian Team activities to Nationally competitive competitions. We at LaLaHorse will help you find them.

Please take a moment to read through the following information before you attend a horse show or equine event.

In the future, LaLaHorse intends to have trained hosts at shows and other equestrian activities. They will provide exclusive behind the scenes tours and visits to Stables in your area just for LaLaHorse subscribers.

For now here are a few tips to help make your visit to the horse show enjoyable and informative.

Horse loving people are some of the friendliest most outgoing people you will ever meet.

As a newcomer you should be prepared not to get that warm fuzzy feeling from them right away.

Although most of these events are called shows they are actually competitions. The horse owners, trainers, riders, coaches and grooms are very focused on their duties. They are working diligently to give their horse the best opportunity to win.

For this reason they may appear unfriendly, even intimidating.

These people love and care for their horses sometimes better than they care for themselves. Please be respectful and understanding of their protectiveness but don’t let it scare you away.  It will be worth it.

At horse shows there is usually no one to give spectators direction. Try to park out of way then look for the show arena. The horse show managers are usually focused on the needs of the exhibitors, so you are going to have to figure this out for yourself.

Some basic horse show etiquette includes:

Stay out of the barns and stable areas unless invited. Consider these areas like “back stage” at a concert or play.

Find a place in the seating area or next to the ring to watch from. Please sit or stand quietly so you do not distract the horses.