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LaLa Horse is the result of a powerful team of dedicated equine enthusiasts who love helping kids. LaLa Horse co-founders include:

Tina Derby: Tina has worked with and competed in a variety of disciplines, from hunters to eventing to saddle seat. She has several advanced business and marketing degrees, having worked in various industries, including non-profits, manufacturing, e-commerce, catalog retailers, publishing, healthcare, and more. Her current focus is on growing LaLa Horse so that she can help youngsters enjoy horses and also learn many important life lessons through their involvement in this wonderful industry. 

David Mikosz: David’s involvement with Arabians began when he was sixteen, at a neighbor's farm in the small town of Wallingford, Connecticut. From there, his passion for the Arabian, its beauty, talent and spirit has been the inspiration and key to his long standing loyalty to the breed and the people that support it. David has been training and showing Arabians for over forty years. He has worked for some of the best farms in the country and is currently the trainer for Cortese Arabians of Middleville, Michigan. David is totally dedicated to the Arabian horse and considers himself blessed to work in a field in which he derives so much enjoyment. A licensed judge since 1990, David has judged many shows across the United States, including the Canadian and U.S. National Championships.