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Get up-to-speed quickly about the Arabian horse

This course covers all the most important things you need to know, including:

  • How much Arabian horses cost
  • The difference between Arabian horses and other breeds of horse
  • Whether or not Arabian horses are good for beginners and children
  • What you can do with an Arabian horse
  • And so much more!

A Few Thoughts About the Course Instructors

Being an equestrian has always been my life's passion, and David and Lorrie fuel that love and passion, which allows me to grow, not only as an equestrian, but also as a well-rounded horsewoman. David and Lorrie Mikosz are truly blessings to the horse world, specifically the Arabian horse industry! Sara R.
32 years ago David and Lorrie Mikosz we my instructors, mentors, and so much more. The lessons learned were carried through my life to this day because they didn't teach me just to ride... their lessons actually taught me how to live! That with integrity, persistence, compassion, patience, and commitment, the sky was the limit! Best of all... they taught by example... Kiersten W.
I just want everyone to know that I watch David and Lorrie closely, and learn from them, as they are STELLAR icons who have honest integrity with the Arabian circuit! God bless you guys and thank you for always encouraging me... !! Jamie K.

Course Instructors