Online (Live-Streamed) Horse Shows

Online (Live-Streamed) Horse Shows

Even though it might be boring where you are right now, there are plenty of exciting horse shows going on around the world. And, best of all, it's easy to attend these shows, right from the comfort of one's living room couch (or seat of your car, other cozy spot!).

If you're not familiar with online horse shows, let me explain to you how to attend. Generally, all you need to do is to go to the horse show's website, register with your name and email, then choose the arena and/or classes you want to watch.

The show is the live-streamed to you from wherever it's happening, anywhere in the globe!

Once in a while an online horse show will require the viewer to pay for access to the live stream, but usually it's 100% FREE!

Below are a list of some horse show streaming sites. If you have any questions about these or need my help accessing them, just email me at You can also reach us via our Facebook page at 

Also, if you have any horse-related questions, etc., feel free to reach out to the team at LaLa Horse. We are always happy to share our horse-related knowledge and contacts with everyone who has an interest in them!
(need USEF fan membership - get it for free using promo code GeorgeMorris18) (requires $9.99/yr. membership)

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