Dapple Bay Co. - Helping you Express Your Passion, Individuality and Own Unique Style

Dapple Bay Co. - Helping you Express Your Passion, Individuality and Own Unique Style

Below is a quick interview with Leah Kaufmann, the founder of Dapplebay Co.

LaLa Horse is very excited to have a darling keychain (image below) from Dapplebay Co. in our current Equestrian box

Horsegirl Keychain from Dapplebay Co.

  1. What made you start Dapplebay Co.? 

    Dapplebay was founded in 2011 when I couldn't find cute horse themed t-shirts to wear! I wanted to represent my passion without looking like a kid, so I set out to design t-shirts that showed off my inner horse girl in a stylish way.  

  2. How is Dapplebay Co. Helping to make the world a better place? 

    We're on a mission to unite equestrians from all backgrounds - there is no competition between "horse girls" and "equestrians" at Dapplebay! We believe we are all united through our shared passion for horses, and our motto of "good rides only" means that we promote positivity and gratitude above all else.  
  1. What are you trying to accomplish with Dapplebay Co.?

    At its core, Dapplebay has always been about creative expression, both for myself AND for my customers. I started out creating things that I wanted, and now my focus has really shifted to creating products that my community LOVES. My goal is to create fun, unique items that let equestrians express their passion, individuality and own unique style.

  2. In 5 years, what would you like Dapplebay Co. to look like?

    In 5 years, I would like Dapplebay to be the go-to brand you think of when shopping for something unique for the equestrian in your life. 

  3. What do YOU want to accomplish with YOUR life? 

    I am really passionate about how horses can help people. They have helped me process through difficult emotions and challenging times throughout my life. Yet, they are inaccessible to so many. My dream is to provide access to horses for children & women who might not otherwise get to experience them. I have a heart for those who have experienced neglect or trauma, and I know that horses can help to heal deep wounds. I'm not sure what this will look like yet, but it feels like something I am called towards.  

  4. If you could change 3 things in the horse world, what would they be? 

    The first would be accessibility. The second would be to improve horsemanship & horsekeeping practices across the board. And the third would be to end overbreeding and horse slaughter.  

Learn more about Leah and Dapplebay Co., and see all the darling items (like the equestrian t-shirts, pictured below) available there, by going to www.dapplebay.com Use code FRIENDS15 to get 15% off your first order!

Equestrian T-Shirts from Dapplebay Co.
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