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Horses Being Silly Coloring Book By Ellen Sallas

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What are the silliest things that YOUR horse does? Does your horse hang his tail over the stall gate to poop in aisle? Does he dip his hay in his water bucket and sploosh it all over? Does he open his stall and then set his pals loose, too?

All those who ride and keep horses have tons of great stories of the hilarious habits of our horses. This book is dedicated to that fact: HORSES ARE SILLY! (Which only makes us love them all the more!)

In this coloring book, equestrian sports artist Ellen Sallas drew the funniest quirks collected from her horse friends and then provided a quote from the horse owners to match. I wonder if you'll find your silly horse among them!

30 hand-drawn original art coloring pages plus bonus horse art at the end from Ms. Sallas's other Equestrian Coloring Books.