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Episode 3 - Let's Talk Horses Video Masterclass Series

Episode 3 - Let's Talk Horses Video Masterclass Series

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This episode starts with 11 terms that are used to describe a horse’s age and gender. Learn things like:

  • Why the term “colt” can be confusing.
  • What do you call a foal’s mom?
  • When does a suckling become a weanling?

And that’s just for starters.

You also learn about common tack items like “halter” and “bridle.”

Find out if a racehorse is a purebred, and tons more.

Included in this episode are introductions to proper descriptions of types of horses. We teach you the meaning and history of terms like:

  • Coldblooded
  • Warmblood
  • Light Horse
  • Pony
  • Miniature Horse

From the largest to the smallest equines, our goal is to help you gain the knowledge needed to easily understand the lingo used in the equestrian community.

About Let's Talk Horses

Let’s Talk Horses is a series of video presentations created especially for the new horse enthusiast.

Each episode is packed with tons of information that is absolutely essential for getting off to a great start with horses whether you are making your first search for horse knowledge or seriously preparing to dive into the equestrian community.

This entry level material can be hard to find, especially in as concise and complete a format. We have specially priced the early episodes to make it easy for the beginner horse enthusiast to afford.

Using a combination of video and slides these fast paced upbeat sessions are sure to keep your attention.

These short courses will save you a good deal of money, time and confusion as you go down the path of equestrian activities.

Included with each episode is the ability to reach out directly to the creator by email for additional information or clarification. You will also be offered a special LaLa Horse rate if you desire professional consultation on all subjects equine.

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